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Why I Choose Affinity Photo? Not Adobe Photoshop Again?!

I have a hobby of editing and manipulating photos, only to make other expressions or improve photos as best as possible. And for 5 years I used Adobe Photoshop for this hobby.

This is an Example from My Instagram Post
But friends, after Adobe CC was released, I began to dislike Adobe Products, not a bad feature, but for the type of license that changed from onetime payment for lifetime use, to subscribe license, for me $ 10/month for hobbies? its so expensive!. So this year, I tried the best competitor for Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photos, and this is the best choice!

After a few months I tried and used Affinity Photos, I had no problem with that, and this is why I chose Affinity Photos!


I'm not a Professional Photo Editor who making money for the result i have, I'm just like Editing and Making a Creative Photos just for hobbies, and $10/Month vs $49/lifetime, sure, i will choose $49 for lifetime license. And A few weeks ago in Microsoft Store Windows 10, Affinity Photo have a Discount for 20%. And i just pay this software for $38 - $40. 


I Didn't compare about performance so detailed, but if you check this youtube videos, it will show how Affinity Photos beat Adobe Photoshop Performance.


Most importantly, does Affinity Photos have features like Adobe Photoshop? and the answer is Yes!, except Camera Raw. Most of the features of Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo also have, and the Keyboard Shortcut is almost the same as Adobe Photoshop, not long to get used to Affinity Photo.

And thats why i choose Affinity Photo, Do You Like Affinity Or Photoshop? comment bellow guys.
Gylang Satria
Gylang Satria Penulis, Blogger dan Author di WinPoin .

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