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How to See Wifi Passwords Using CMD on Windows 10

When you want to try connecting your device to a WiFi network, especially if the network is a Private network, usually a key / password is needed as a security medium for the network. Now you can try to find the password from the connected device, which in this case is Windows 10.

Image: Misha Via Unsplash

Now in this scenario, I will try to find the Wifi Password from a Windows 10 device that was previously connected to the network, in fact you can do it through the GUI by going to the Network Properties, however, so that it's similar to Hackers, then this time we will use CMD. Immediately, the following steps.

First, you open CMD As Admin

Next, you enter the following command:
netsh wlan show profiles
Click Enter, and you will find several networks that have been saved in the Windows Operating System, one of which is the network that you want to retrieve the password for.

Now you can see the WiFi that you want to retrieve the password, and after the network name appears, you can type the following command:

netsh wlan show profile name = "NETWORK NAME" key = clear
Note: Change the NETWORK NAME to the Wifi SSID Name for which you want to retrieve the password.

After that, you just enter it, and check on the Key Content section, there will show the Wifi Network password. For example, see the picture above.

Is This a Hacking Method?

It could be possible or not, because if you use this method without the knowledge of people who have Wifi, you can say this is a hacking method (maybe), but if you ask for permission first, just ask what the WiFi password is, it's simple.
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