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Update Baru Windows 10 October Update di Insider

Beberapa saat lalu, ketika saya melakukan check for updates di Windows 10 Pro dengan build Windows 10 October Update Build 17763.143 ada cumulative update yang diluncurkan oleh Microsoft dan kebetulan juga update ini masih berada di Release Preview Ring yang mana belum dirilis ke publik. 

Setelah update selesai, maka Windows 10 October Update akan menjadi build Build 17763.167 dengan membawa beberapa perbaikan sebagai berikut  :

Dikutip dari

  • Microsoft fixed the issue in Microsoft Edge with using the drag and drop feature to upload folders from the Windows desktop.
  • An issue that degrades Internet Explorer performance when using roaming profiles has been addressed.
  • Microsoft fixed the time zone information issues for Fiji.
  • Time zone changes for Moroccan daylight standard time and Russian daylight standard time has now been addressed.
  • Issues causing the display settings to stop working when changing multi-monitor configuration has now been fixed.
  • Insiders reported black screen on some PCs when waking the display from sleep has now been addressed with the latest cumulative update.
  • Under certain lighting conditions, the Camera app had long delays in taking photos, this has now been addressed.
  • While playing live Hulu TV in Microsoft Edge, users noticed a black screen which has now been fixed.
  • An issue that stopped Bluetooth headsets from receiving audio input after several minutes of listening has now been fixed.
  • Restarting of the device caused the Brightness slider to be reset to 50%, this has now been addressed.
  • An issue related to the OEM manufacturing processes when running sysprep/generalize has now been addressed.
  • An issue with Microsoft Intune that causes devices to be incorrectly marked as not compliant due to a firewall incorrectly returns a ‘Poor’ status has been fixed.
  • An issue that causes rasman.exe to stop responding has been fixed.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue with RemoteApp visibility that may cause the main window to disappear until the user clicks the screen.
  • An issue that prevented some users from setting Win32 program defaults for certain app while using the Open with… command or Settings > Apps > Default apps has now been fixed.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue that may cause mapped drives to fail to reconnect after starting and logging onto a Windows device.

Jika kalian pengguna Windows 10 October Update dan ingin mendapatkan update ini, kalian harus berada atau tergabung dengan Windows Insider, atau bisa menunggu beberapa hari kedepan setelah update dirilis ke publik.
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