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I Really Hate Windows 10 Problem!

So, this is my first article in English, yes, because I want other people in different languages to understand what my problem is, and as far as I know, those who have the problem aren't me. As a Windows fan, I really like Windows 10, great new features, very useful like Action Center, Clipboard History, Timeline and More, but not with bugs that come after other updates from Microsoft.

Just Illustrations
So what is my problem? .... / _ \ I have a problem with some drivers and devices connected through my laptop, and the most important thing is the Wi-Fi problem, I can't deactivate from the Notification Area, or I Cannot Activate Airplane Mode, I only have the option to disable the Wi-Fi adapter from the Device Manager or Adapter Settings from the Control Panel. it's very annoying you know.

As a Linux user, I have no problem with this device, everything works and is normal. Maybe many will ask, or give me advice to update to the latest drivers. But ... you can see this.

That's the latest driver, from the manufacturer and Windows itself. (*  ̄︿ ̄) ok, enough with Wi-Fi problems, I also have others, maybe I'll call it the "task manager bug", which I reported on the Reddit and Feedback Hub after I installed the latest Windows 10 May Update 2019 (1903 ) You can check the post on the Reddit page, with this problem, I have a task manager problem and many people have the same problem, namely in the task manager, memory speed (ram) does not show the correct speed, the right speed You can check the command prompt or Windows PowerShell with the "wmic memorychip get speed" command.

This is in the task manager, look at the memory speed, this shows 2133Mhz
see the different
This "task manager bug" happened to me after installing the latest Windows 10 1903, before that on Windows 10 1809, as usual.

So what's wrong with Windows? for a long time I used Windows as my main operating system, I have lots and lots of reports that Windows 10 is buggy and has many problems with it (you can check Windows news in Indonesian here), as far as I know, Microsoft changed Windows as Service, and I can say I really hate how Windows 10 evolved after Microsoft changed it, if Microsoft developed Windows 10 like Windows 7, maybe a problem like this, it won't be as much now. come on Microsoft 2 major updates for 1 year? Are you kidding me! Not everyone wants the latest features so fast, we need stability, not other problems that come after other updates.

So that's two, is my problem on my device, I'm using ASUS K401UQK, if you have the same problem with me, please share in the comments below, or do you have other problems?

 (*  ̄3 ̄) ╭

Thank you, I hope your Windows 10 works normally and doesn't have a bug.

Gylang Satria
Gylang Satria Penulis, Blogger dan Author di WinPoin .

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