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Danger of Using Pirated Software!

Hello introduce, my name is Gylang Satria Yudha, just call Gylang, for those who don't know, I was a user of a lot of pirated software, until a few months ago, I really switched to Original or Open Source Software, you can read articles about it here.

So before I want to discuss what my lecturer taught me when I was in college, by chance my lecturer was an expert in network security. Straight to:

What is Malware?

Malware (Malicious Software) is a malicious program that allows to damage / take over / retrieve data / and take device resources, malware can be (Viruses, Worms, Trojans, DLLs). And here is a third explanation of the differences between viruses, worms and trojans (quoted from

Malware that infects a computer needs help / intervention from a third party (usually humans) to run itself and cannot run automatically to infect the computer. So that humans want to run themselves, the virus falsifies itself as a good program like .doc, .jpg or folders that if clicked will run the virus.
In many cases, in order to convince people to click on themselves, viruses fake themselves (icons, extensions) as pornographic images, crack files or other things that will attract people to click.

Malware that can automatically infect a computer without the help of a third party. So once the worm is on a computer / network, it will automatically spread itself to other computers without help or even without being able to be prevented by other computer owners on the network.
Of course there is a question, if a worm can spread itself automatically, then why do people not make all the worms, why instead make a virus that needs help from people to activate themselves. In order for a worm to infect a computer automatically it has to exploit software vulnerabilities (Windows, Office, Adobe Acrobat or any software that is generally popular that is targeted).
So if a security hole that is exploited / used by a worm to spread itself automatically has been patched (patch) then the worm becomes broken and does not have the ability to infect the system again. So in a patched system, a virus is even easier to infect a system than a worm.

The Trojan
Just like the movie Troy, trojans are trojans that will pretend to be useful programs, cracks, games or other programs that secretly install themselves on the system and carry out spy activities such as stealing data, recording keyboard beats and sending them to the address predetermined by the manufacturer.

Now from the three explanations above, we can conclude why can't we use pirated software? or there are still those who don't understand? OK let's talk about reality. From some Crack software, for example KMSAutoNet, or KMSPico, in some of their hosting sites they like to give the description "Turn off Antivirus because it is False Detection", then will you believe it? Please reread the Trojan above.

Please pay attention, sometimes there is a description to turn off the antivirus on every crack that is given. Or if not still, the activator will not run without the dismissal of the installed antivirus, even though Windows Defender must be turned off. Functionally, the activation process is running smoothly and perfectly, but try to pay attention, whether the crack will install a service or other program that is entered into System32? try to see it's usually called "kmxxxxx" ... Especially if you install the program using "Run as Administrator" access, wow.

Indirect Effects Tasted ?!

Yes, an experience that I feel indeed proves that the use of Crack or other Activator does not have an immediate effect on the system that we use, it's just that, in long-term use, the system will feel heavier than usual, please also check the Open Port of Connection our pc, is our PC being remotely taken for resources or not? because sometimes in some cases our laptops or PCs always load the CPU even though there is no activity going on.

Use of pirated applications that are less exploited?

My lecturer said that there is a way that we can use Smart and Smart Pirated Software, the easiest way is to use a Serial Number, but not a serial number that comes from a Keygen or Patch, a serial number that is available on the internet and does blocking connection on the software that has been included pirated serial number. (You can use Firewall here).

Theft case experienced?

I myself have never experienced a case of theft that is meaningful and hopefully never will, but my friend, just call Nicola, he has experienced cases where, the Cursor runs on its own and leads to the Gmail site. The chronology is that he installs a patch and a few hours after that the cursor runs and leads to Gmail by itself, even to type GMail in front of the Nico himself. Luckily he quickly deactivated his home Wifi connection.

// In the morning, Nico will just call me right away and I will immediately install Repeat Windows 10.

From my discussion above, it should be concluded that there are many applications that are good and useful but have hidden intentions, try to think, why a Cracker (crack maker) should give their Crack to many people for free, surely there is a hidden purpose behind it. Or you try watching Pirated Film Streaming, will your CPU load up to 60% on that page? try to answer why?

But of the many pirated applications, the use of Serial Numbers Non-Keygen and Patch is more recommended, yes I know, not many people are willing to spread serial numbers, but try to try, rather than using Crack that contains malware. Or buy the original license, the period of buying Games, Comics, Gunpla, etc. can but still use Windows and pirated applications ..

Please give your comment below. and Sorry if my english is bad.

Original Post With Indonesian Can Read Here (Bahaya Pake Software Bajakan)
Gylang Satria
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