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Rooted Devices and Mobile Banking - Talking About Security

After a while I use a rooted device, aka the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 which I use now has a Root status. there are a number of myths where rooted devices may not be used for Mobile Banking or Internet Banking transactions. When I first heard the myth, I was a bit uncomfortable with security issues, which must be safe when talking about money, right?

Hearing this problem, it is true that if Android is already rooted, it is vulnerable to malware that can threaten the security of the user himself, with the quotation marks "user", but it can be said, if the user understands the meaning of his own root, he will not be too worried this rooted device problem.

There are times when opening the Mobile Banking application. let's just say BRI Mobile (Most Popular Bank in Indonesia), there will be a notification that the system has been rooted, now to resolve the issue, if you use SuperSU as the root access opener, just disable the super user, then we will return to normal (non-root mode), or if you have installed Xposed Module, you can install a Module named RootCloak, you can turn off root detection in mobile banking or other applications.

Here I often use the Mobile Banking application, or other applications related to finance, with devices that have been rooted, as long as the user still wants to be careful in installing software or other, then the security problem is no longer a problem, if we study more in the Android system it has the exact same components as linux system, for those who already use linux will probably understand the meaning and terms that exist in the android system.

Be wise in using access as root, because you can say we hold full access to a device, and don't use root access too often for normal use, and only use root access when it is used, security is good for transactions or doing other things. disturbed. and keep in mind, there is no system that is really safe.

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